KALOGRIDIS SA was founded in 1967 as a carpentry workshop. Today, after years of experience and history, it stands out as the leading manufacturer in the market with: wooden frames, wooden windows and doors, as well as furniture.

KALOGRIDIS SA specializes primarily in the sectors of housing and luxury hotels, with particular attention to its cooperation with architects’ offices, through technical plans and consulting services in the construction sector.

Over the years, I. KALOGRIDIS SA has built in Greece and abroad prestigious projects for brands of primary importance, including hotels and luxury, private homes in locations of great natural beauty.

What is the basis of our great ability that makes the quality of our windows and doors unique, while guaranteeing that they can be configured according to customer needs?


  • We work with architectural firms that have designed the project.
  • Our R&D department works closely with our technicians and researches cutting edge materials, new components, innovative systems and verifies the performance of our frames.
  • A special certification laboratory checks the frames ensuring maximum AIR PERMINATION, AIR RESISTANCE, HEAT INSULATION, SOUND INSULATION, WATERPROOFING.
  • This process allows us to improve the frames and therefore to have official certifications in cooperation with the Rosenheim IFT Institute, which is a European notified body for measurement, monitoring and certification and internationally accredited in accordance with DINENISO / IEC 17025.
  • The construction, which in various phases of production requires a part of the work to be done by hand, gives our products a unique beauty, with the “handmade” feeling being inevitable.
  • The mechanical equipment of our factory ensures the perfect processing of our products.
  • The special customer service we offer in many aspects of the project that concern the purchase of our products.
  • The timber we use is accredited by the two major international accreditation bodies for proper forest management: the F.S.C. (Forest Management Council) and the P.E.F.C. (Program for the promotion of forest certification).


Eventually, we provide unique projects of wooden constructions, frames, doors and furniture, which perfectly meet the expectations of our customers, whether they are architects, builders, hoteliers, individuals or demanding elegant people who wish high quality products.