All the products of “I. KALOGRIDIS – WOOD APPLICATIONS SA” are manufactured exclusively at the company’s factory and have been meticulously checked so that the quality of construction and their operation is excellent.

This warranty is valid from the date of purchase of the product and covers only the first buyer – user. In addition, the warranty covers the entire order described in the respective sales invoice or retail receipt.

The warranties are absolutely valid when the products are not a special construction. The warranty covers only the construction defects that affect the correct operation of the window and the wear of the paint (when it exceeds the maximum acceptable limits).

The warranty offers free replacement or repair of defective components apart from a fixed amount charging for call and intervention in the customer’s construction, according to the applicable price list.

Specifically, it provides:




Damage caused to the products by improper or inappropriate use, such as improper use or out of specifications of the use of individual components (mechanisms), unforeseen causes of force majeure or natural disasters (earthquake or fire, etc.), are excluded from the warranty. Events that may occur after the completion of the installation by the company’s technicians and by special climatic conditions or exposure to highly corrosive natural environments such as: zones up to 200m. From the sea or at an altitude of over 2000m.